How to upload images

(1) Visit your Member Album

From the memu bar, select Gallery and then Member Albums. Either click on your member userid in the album thumbnails or click on Your Album near the upper right corner.

(2) Add Items

From within your album select the drop down menu at the bottom and choose either Add Album to add a sub-album that can contain related photos or select Add Items to add photos.
Adding items

(3) Adding Files

Select the Browse button to select a single file from your computer's hard drive. You might want to use the Caption field to hold the description of each photo and then select Base filename from the drop down menu below, uncheck the Summary box and check the Description box.
Note: Make sure that none of your filenames contain an apostrophe, e.g. "Sue's car.jpg"
File upload boxes
You can click on More Upload Boxes... to add additional files.
When you are finished, click the Add Items button to start the upload. Wait for this to complete before doing anything else.

(4) Edit Files

From the thumbnail view of your photo album select Edit Photo to modify additional photo properties.

(5) Move Files

You can move photos from one of your albums to another or into a monthly contest folder. Select Move Photo from the drop down menu under the photo to be moved. You can move additional photos to the same destination by checking boxes next to the photo thumbnails.
Choose the destination from the file tree. Press the [+] button to expand a folder if necessary.
Press the Move button to move the checked photos to the selected destination.
Move photo

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